Me and Me was made by Yanmei Jiang and Wenjun Chen.

Me and Me documented a story of growth through life and creation between Yanmei Jiang and Wenjun Chen. Meeting each other in 2007, they started to record each one’s daily life unconsciously, treating each other as a model in a photographic experiment. In 2014, they tended to shoot self-portraits and group photos consciously, exploring and understanding themselves in this relationship. The project compiled the stories between them from 2007 to 2018. It is also displayed as a handmade book(2007-2015).

Me and Me received the awards of Taipei Photo Emerging Talent Awards 2016, and the XITEK EOS New Talent Award 2015. It also got the finalist of the 8th Three Shadow Photography Award 2016 and the finalist of the Dummy Award Kassel 2016. Me and Me have had exhibitions in China, Japan, the UK, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Norway, Croatia, Portugal, Denmark, and Slovakia.